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Muslim Youth Debate Tournament 2017

SATURDAY, JULY 15th, 2017

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HOST:  ADAMS CENTER, Sterling, Virginia

We hope this message finds you good in health and strong in Imaan.  We are very pleased to inform you of this year’s annual MYDT topics. Summer is right around the corner, so get ready!

This year’s topics are…

Middle School

  • Prelim Round 1– Schools cannot prevent bullying.
  • Prelim Round 2 – Public schools are a mare’s nest.
  • Prelim Round 3 – Impromptu
  • Semi-Final Round – Parents must explain all current issues to children.
  • Final Round – Impromptu

High School

  • Prelim Round 1 – “Hate speech” should not fall under free speech.
  • Prelim Round 2- Public schools are a mare’s nest.
  • Prelim Round 3 – Impromptu
  • Semi-Final Round – Social activism is more impactful than political activism.
  • Final  Round – Impromptu

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