Past Events

Past Final Debate Competitions at High & Middle School Level
Date/Venue Winning Team/Location Topic Level Winners
2019 at Diyanet Center of America MUNA-H2 A benevolent dictator is better than a democratically elected head of state. HS Final Zaid Mahafuz

Erfan Hamza

Tafhim Hoque

2019 at Diyanet Center of America ISB 3RS College is unnecessary. MS Final Reshad Ayman Islam

Raeid M. Raunak

Ragib Ahnaf


2018 at Islamic Society of Baltimore




By high school it is too late.


HS Final

Shaheer Imam

Ariyan Sajid

Ayman Chowdhury

2018 at Islamic Society of Baltimore MUNA Bullet Middle schoolers should not be worried about politics. MS Final Shariar Chowdhury

Areeb Gani

Noorah Ahmed

2018 at Baltimore, Md 2018 ICNA-MAS Convention Muslims will benefit from engaging in current politics. HS Final Aisha Khan

Ayah Aligabi

Huma Chowdhury

2017 at ADAMS Center, Herndon, Va MUNA Impromptu HS Final Adbia Chowdhury

Shadia Nahar

Faizah Saadmin

2017 MAS-11

Adams Center, Virginia

Impromptu MS Final Areeb Khan

Muhurto Rahman

Safa Islam


Diyanet Center of America, Lanham, Md

Ar-Rahmah HS 1

Islamic Society of Baltimore

Impromptu HS Final Junaid Malik

Awais Sheikh

Zubair Malik

2016 MUNA Diamond


Impromtu MS Final Faizah Saadmin

Ameen Ahmed

Adiba Chowdhury

August 22nd

2015 at Islamic Center Maryland, Gaithersburg, Md

MUNA Diamond 3

Muslim Ummah of North America

Impromptu: “Affirmative action should be abolished.” HS Final Navid Chowdhury

Adnan Jaber

Tahmiid Hossain

August 22nd


Al-Huda School

College Park, Maryland

Impromptu: “Kill one to save many.” MS Final Reem Saiuddin

Sayeemah Ahmed

Anisah Bengharsa

Jun 21,



Muslim Ummah of North America

Impromptu HS Final Tahmiid Hossain

Adib Ahmed

Tajbik Sheikh

Jun 21,


Al Fatih Academy

Reston, VA

Impromptu MS Final Osman Syed

Hiba Nakhlawi

Noor Ghafoor

Sep 2013 ISNA Convention 2013Washington, DC The Benefits of expanding Masjid Al Haram outweigh the need to preserve Makkah’s historic sites HS Final Mona Hagmagid

Adib Ahmed

Faraz Ahsan

 Sep 2013  ISNA Convention 2013Washington, DC  The United States has a moral obligation to promote democratic principals in the Middle East  MS Final Ilsa Mir

Nuha Mahboob

Taharat Sheikh

   Jun 29, 2013 at Islamic Society Of Baltimore,  Baltimore, Md  MUNA Impromptu HS Final Wasif Sikder

Tahmiid Hossain

Tajbik Sheikh

   Jun 29, 2013   Al Fatih Academy, Sterling Va  Impromptu  MS Final Asiya Ahmad

Dhuha Baig

Ibrahim Farooq

 Jun 30, 2012 at ADAMS Center, Herndon, Va  ADAMS Center,

Sterling, VA

MS Final Maryam Ahmad

Mona Hagmagid

Omar Farooq

 Jun 19, 2011 at Al Huda School, College Park, Md  Al Huda School    College Park, MD
 Jun 26, 2010  ADAMS CenterHerndon, VA
 Jun 28 2009 Dar Al TaqwaEllicott City, MD
 Jun 24 2008   Al Rahmah School (ISB), Baltimore, MD
 Jun 24 2007  Dar Al Taqwa, Ellicott City, MD
 Jun 2006 at Muslim Community Center, Silver Spring, Md  Al Huda School, College Park, Md


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